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We need not look far for inspiration; for like the philosophers of the Scottish Enlightenment, we believe that ideas are the guiding light which can change the face of society for the better.

The Scotland Institute was founded by Glasgow-born Dr. Azeem Ibrahim in 2012. Dr. Ibrahim’s extensive experience in academia and advising governments convinced him of the need for a new think tank in Scotland. Scotland is facing urgent and unique challenges in a fast changing world and there is a pressing need for innovative policy solutions for both the near- and long-term future.

Rigorous, fact-based analysis is required to address Scottish society’s most urgent problems. Bringing together scholars and experts with diverse points of view and backgrounds will create an environment for the cultivation of innovative and pragmatic solutions for Scotland’s future. Younger voices, sometimes unconventional, sometimes breaking the traditional boundaries of past thinking, will help to provide pioneering ideas about public policy, the economy, taxes, education and the environment that will help inform the debate about Scotland’s place in the political and technological world, both today and tomorrow.

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Economic Competitiveness

A road map to keep Scotland on the right economic track in a competitive and globalised world.

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Social Exclusion

Recognising Scotland’s marginalized communities as the untapped potential for change.

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